What Does Duke University Have To Do With UNM?

In 2003 a female student was sexually assaulted by a stranger on Duke University’s campus. In an effort to start a conversation about sexual assault on college campuses, the survivor submitted a piece to the university newspaper asking for stories from other survivors. Saturday Nights: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at Duke was born, to empower and encourage healing for survivors of sexual assault through the publication of their experiences. To read more about the story behind Saturday Nights at Duke University, click here.

Saturday Nights at UNM is a similar space to tell the stories of students who have experienced sexual assault or violence. Our goal is to support and encourage survivors of sexual assault and rape from the University of New Mexico community by giving them a safe and anonymous place to submit their stories. Postings on the site seek to raise awareness about sexual assault on college campuses and deconstruct rape myths. Topics might include personal testimonies, concerns about myths and stereotypes, rape culture, violence, and anti violence activism. Through sharing these untold stories, Saturday Nights hopes to demystify misconceptions about rape culture and sexual assault, and foster awareness about important issues for women’s and men’s safety.

New submissions will be posted as they are received and edited, with no more than one submission posted each day. All stories will be posted anonymously unless otherwise specified by the author.

We invite you to submit your story to saturdaynight.unm@gmail.com, along with our consent form. Be part of the conversation about sexual assault on college campuses, and help us to raise awareness about students’ experiences.


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